Reading List

Here are the sources that I will be using as I study and think about soteriology, how the Jesus and the cross effect our salvation:

Thanks to The Reverend Doctor Jonathan Grieser of Grace Grace Episcopal Church, Madison Wisconsin for some additional resources:

Christus Victor by Gustav Aulen

A Better Atonment: Beyond the Depraved Doctrine of Original Sin by Tony Jones

Materials previously posted:

Living the Questions: The Wisdom of Progressive Christianity by David M Felten and Jeff Procter-Murphy

Christian Dogmatics: volume II, Braaten & Jensen.  Specifically, the section intitled, The Seventh Locus The Work of Christ pp. 5-104

The Nonviolent Atonement by J. Denny Weaver

Jesus and the Victory of God by N.T. Wright. Specifically, chapter 12, section 7 The Strange Victory pp. 592 – 611

Healing the Gospel by Derek Flood

I will also be posting on line resources, articles and links to other blog sites, that I find useful and or instructive.  Here is the first from this supplemental list:

Why the Cross? God’s at-one-ment with humanity.  Published in The Christian Century, March 11, 2013.  Written by Charles Hefling.

The Article by Walter Wink from which chapter 11 of Living the Questions draws its title, The Myth of Redemptive Violence to the reading list.  It offers a history and critique of a world view built around a God of violence and pain.

If you are reading other books that might be helpful please don’t hesitate to recommend them in a comment on main page of the blog or by email directly to me.  I will be happy to compile a bibliography on this page so that we can all share the same resources.

1 thought on “Reading List

  1. Glad you’re doing this; I too am very interested in the subject of the Atonement because the two theories/teachings that make the most sense to me are not yet much in the mainstream: those of Julian of Norwich and Rene Girard.

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